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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! In honor of this upcoming special night, it was pumpkin carving time. I present to you: The Gene Simmons Jack O’Lantern. I whipped this out using no special tools or stencils. In fact, we barely even had a knife. In the drawing stage, I couldn’t figure out how to do the tongue. I briefly considered a tongue-less Gene Simmons, before realizing I was being re-goddamned-diculous, and ended up just thinning the outer shell of the pumpkin where the tongue should be. This allows a little light to come through, and I am pleased with the results.

Man, I frikkin’ love carving pumpkins. I once won a carving contest in college, which brought in 100 bucks and enough Natty Light to kill anyone over the age of 20. Now, I’ve added this membrane-thinning technique. What’s next? Just imagine if I had this. Maybe next year.

So what do you say? Should I buy some smaller pumpkins and do the rest of the band? Jillian seems to think that’s obsessive and weird, but I dunno…it sure is tempting.

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  1. Did you know that Keith Richards lives in CT??

  2. Not that that’s the same band, or anything

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