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Today’s Assignment

Both of my graphic design classes worked diligently on The Lightbox, an exercise lifted from, in which two (or more, I suppose) artists battle in the space of a photoshop document, using the same 5 or so elements to create a unique picture. I chose-because I am the teacher and I can tell them what to do!-a manatee, a moustache, mac ‘n cheese, a knight, a robot and (the planet) Saturn. Hilarious and astonishing products were crafted. I was delighted and they were quiet; I almost didn’t hear that effing whistling song at all. Does anyone else know this whistling song, or do you have to keep the company of teenagers for the pleasure? They do make me laugh. One kid, who had previously limited himself to iterations on the theme of Marley, (Bob, not Jacob) superimposed a moustache on a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese. and that, folks, is comedy.

I felt it was a breakthrough.

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  1. When I first started teaching my big project was creating a 7 foot rabbit out of papier mache. It was really great, ditto on keeping kids quiet, and we auctioned it off for Easter to buy candy…

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