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Civilization 4: p0wned!

Civ 4: Our cat feels the same way I do.

I read the warnings, and the very clever marketing over at CivAnon. I resisted buying it the first week of release, because I had too much work to do and KNEW that it would drive productivity to an all time low. But in a moment of weakness over the weekend, I bought it, thinking I’d be able to control myself.

Sid Meir’s Civilization 4. Glowing reviews. Switch to 3-D engine. True to the Civ formula in spite of Sid Meir only acting in an “advisory” capacity to Fireaxis games. It’s incredible. I haven’t worked out all the details of some of the new advances in the gameplay, such as the new emphasis on religion, and a wide array of upgrade options for troops. I went to bed at around midnight last night, got up, played until 3:30, and went back to bed. I have accomplished very little so far today. It is owning me exactly the way I thought it would. I’m just thankful I didn’t buy “City of Villians” at the same time. November is already shot.

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  1. Love black cats.. hey malcolm havent seen you at BE SB

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