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Wireless Signals

The Future!I realized a few days ago just how many signals I have running through my home. There’s the 11-antenna MIMO wireless router, which is constantly exploring my home and changing its signal array to accomodate the other signals. Signals put off by not one, but two cell phones, a Sirius satellite radio, a wireless USB access key, the cordless telephone, and whatever instant death our 4800 watt microwave is spitting directly at my genitals.

I first became aware of the interplay between these when I noticed that just before my cell phone would ring, there would be a few audible noises that came out of my PC speakers. I thought this was weird, but it DID provide a quick warning before the dreaded ring of the phone. But it didn’t stop there.

I began to realize, as I sat in the middle of all these wireless and satellite signals, that I could feel them the same way my computer speakers could. I don’t have to even hear the cell phone ring, or the speakers chirp. If I just sit still, and think about the signals, I can FEEL them change as they run through my body. I can anticipate anything. It FEELS different when the phone is about to ring. When my router changes which antennas it’s using, I FEEL it, clear as a stiff wind coming through the room.

I think I may need to leave the house more.

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