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Google Search Analysis

After a cursory examination of our Google statistics thus far for November, I am ready to put together a profile of the average “Dropped In” reader. So far, these are the things we know you have a burning interest in, based on the number of searches for each of the following:

1. “Tucker: A Man and His Dream”
2. Volvo Radio Wiring Diagrams
3. Mortimer Ichabod Marker
4. Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils of Gene Simmons
5. Jilly Transvestite Home Page
6. East Melange
7. Real Estate Commodity Market Globalization
8. Powerball
9. Malcolm Jillian New Haven
10. Sexy Pirates

Good lord, I had no idea such a void was being filled! Where could all of this information previously be found under one roof? And where would all these poor souls go if we were to stop blogging?

Thank you, everybody! We look forward to discussing each of these topics in further depth!

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  1. About the categories.

    I like that:

    1) they exist
    2) you have hit all of your intended areas
    3) they expand with your writings
    4) you have included WIT

    I think blogging has made me listy

  2. I’ve been looking for a Mortimer Icabod Marker for a long time an have yet to find one. Any clue as to where to look, other then the online flea market of ebay (which has nothing by the way).

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