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Malcolm Has Finally Turned Me Out

Listen Up, Friends and Foes: I’m For Sale. My goods are on the block. The public can bid on my junk. My gently-used personal property is going downtown and up for sale. That’s right, if a piece of malcolm memorabilia isn’t appealing to you, then perhaps I can interest you in some of my goodies.

Now, I don’t have any grand notions about dicovering my monetary value or wearing barrels; only the impulse to shed my earthy possessions, become unfettered from the bonds of profane consumerism, liberate my Self from those charnel grounds of excess belongings, and make a little scrill.

You know… bankroll, beans, bill, boodle, bread, bucks, cabbage, chicamin, chips, coin, coinage, dinero, dough, ducats, filthy lucre, funds, gold, gravy, green, jack, kitty,loot, mazuma, moolah, pesos, riches, roll, scratch, silver, skin, specie, sugar, treasure, wad, wage, wampum, wherewithal…

Because we’re not Okies or turtles or snails, everything must go before we do. You simply cannot live off the grid with your Japanese tea pot, Ukranian nesting dolls, and vintage capes. I own some interesting things. They’ve served me well, are aesthetically pleasing and imprinted with my psychic essence. It’s your one and only opportunity to get some Jills (unless we met more than six years ago). Stay tuned, the link to ebay is coming soon!

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  1. I want vintage capes!! Mine Mine Mine…

  2. Yay Elise!

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