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The 20 Facts Game

Charles over at LikeBanana has tagged me for the “20 Random Facts About You” game. He’s got a pretty cool blog going, particularly when you are looking for slices of “gay” and “Norweigan” at the same time. And I can’t really think of a time when that’s NOT the case. At any rate, here we go:

  1. I was born in Miami, Florida.
  2. I am the last of seven brothers and sisters, though am only close with a handful of them.
  3. I turned five years old in Cairo, Egypt.
  4. At 27 years old, I don’t, and never have had, a driver’s license.
  5. I lived for four years on a sailboat in the US Virgin Islands.
  6. I frikkin’ can’t stand Los Angeles.
  7. I missed out on a dotcom fortune by about 6 months.
  8. Being a spammer continues to be a large part of what I do for a living.
  9. I have a cat named Ed, and I commissioned an oil portrait of him by an Australian lesbian.
  10. I am all set with the IRS.
  11. Sometimes, I miss NYC. Other times, not so much.
  12. I cannot maintain more than approximately 4 friendships at any given time.
  13. I stole my first car when I was 11 years old, and got it stuck on a beach before abandoning it.
  14. In spite of being kind of a jerk most of the time, I consider myself more caring towards others than most.
  15. During my single days, I once made out with a stripper who was wearing silver pants and had a tramp stamp that haunts me.
  16. The last five pairs of shoes I have purchased have been New Balance 574s.
  17. I will be getting married in February, 2007.
  18. My parents live in FL, and I wish I could see them more than about once per year.
  19. I have my own secret, made up set of rules of conduct that exist only in my mind, and I become furious when they are violated by those around me.
  20. I am not religious, or even spiritual. If I have one driving rule, it is: “Be a better man.”

That’s it. All true. Enjoy.

There Are 6 Responses So Far. »

  1. #6 makes me angry.

  2. It’s nothing personal, Elise. You and Matt, I adore.

  3. #19 makes me wonder how many times I have unknowingly and silently infuriated you.

  4. #18. Move closer!

  5. hello malcolm here are my guesses: numbers 4,5,7,8,10 and 13 are false

  6. Sorry Charles! But they are all TRUE! (Maybe I don’t know how to play this game.)

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