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Tag! I’m It!

1. I was born in Detroit “Rock City”
2. My parents had wanted a boy and called me “Martin” for the first 6 months of my life
3. I suffer from trichotillomania
4.When my grandfather was a baby, he sat on Mussolini’s lap
5. I prefer blondes
6. I am not afraid of the basement
7. I crave chocolate!
8. I speak a little Mandarin Chinese, which I learned from an exchange student my family hosted when I was in high school
9. My mouth is full of cavities
10. Sometimes I lie.

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  1. 11. When I was in high school a perverted student teacher once reminded me that my bosom had not run away with the spoon. (“Don’t worry its still there.”)

    12. When I was in high school a sub once confused my hip urban attire with a cheap Halloween costume.

    13. When I was in High School I was friends with this dorky, chubby boy who turned into quite a looker (and no I don’t mean Mark Fameghetti – he really should have changed that name if he had any hopes for superstardom).

    Holy shit, you google people’s names enough, you finally hit pay dirt. What up Jillian?!?!

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