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More Cowbell.

cowbellBy now, it’s no secret to anybody. When you need a little something extra to kick your rock song into overdrive, there’s nothing like adding a little cowbell into the mix. Saturday Night Live did an entire sketch about it featuring Christopher Walken, Paul Frank ripped off an independent designer and made a t-shirt about it, and the cowbell has finally, FINALLY received the recognition it deserves.

As a service, I have constructed what I consider to be the ultimate cowbell playlist. Every song features the repurposed farm equipment we all know and love, and none of them would be complete without that hollow, haunting tapping. As you look through this list, you’re gonna be all like, “Oh yeah, I love that song!” Now you know why. Load this into your favorite music-stealing software, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

  1. Blue Oyster Cult: Don’t Fear the Reaper
  2. AC/DC: Hell’s Bells
  3. B-52s: Rock Lobster
  4. Southern Culture on the Skids: Fried Chicken and Gasoline
  5. The Cult: Love Removal Machine
  6. Donnas: Hook it Up
  7. Beatles: Helter Skelter
  8. Foghat: Fool for the City
  9. Bangles: Hazy Shade of Winter
  10. Guns N Roses: Nightrain
  11. Charlie Daniels Band: Devil Went Down to Georgia
  12. David Bowie: Diamond Dogs
  13. Iggy and the Stooges: Raw Power
  14. Cheap Trick: Dream Police
  15. Iron Butterfly: Innagaddavida
  16. Duran Duran: The Reflex
  17. Jimi Hendrix: Fire
  18. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run
  19. Judas Priest: Breakin’ the Law
  20. Elvis Costello: Every Day I Write the Book
  21. Lou Reed: Vicious
  22. Metallica: Master of Puppets
  23. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Born on the Bayou
  24. Motley Crue: Doctor Feelgood
  25. Dirtbombs: Do You See My Love
  26. Ramones: Suzy is a Headbanger
  27. Southern Culture on the Skids: Fried Chicken and Gasoline
  28. Black Sabbath: Wizard

Do you have a favorite that I missed? Drop a comment and let me know about it! (Pink Floyd suggestions will be ignored.)

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  1. “I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.”

    Cake- The Distance
    DMB- Warehouse
    Kiss- Rock and Roll All Night
    Phish- 46 Days
    Run-Dmc- King of Rock
    and the late, great Warren Zevon with Johnny Strikes up the Band

  2. Small world department. One of the reading teachers at school has a cow theme going, and when a kid successfully reads a passage, he/she gets to ring a cowbell. Life imitates art…

  3. salt n peppa push it

  4. Mississippi Queen by Mountain

  5. I’m dumbfounded these aren’t on here…
    Santana – Hope you’re feeling better and The Rolling Stones – Honkey tonk woman.

    I found this page by googleing “ultimate cowbell playlist” very cool

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