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Danger Doom

cowbellSo, anyone who likes this blog should immediately go and buy this album, or steal it online, or whatever. It is the first collaboration between DJ Danger Mouse, who was last seen flooring us with The Grey Album, and MF Doom (you may know him as a Kool Keith disciple, Zev Love X, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, etc.). This album, inspired by the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, features guest spots by Ghostface Killah, of Wu-Tang fame, as well as numerous sound bites from Brak, Master Shake, and other late-night animated favorites. Sound ridiculous? Of course it does. Does it have incredible beats, a sense of humour, and monster skill? Also true. Stop wasting time. You should already be downloading this.

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  1. Are you speaking English?

  2. Damn! I just got this album (as well as an allofmp3 account)

    Both rock.

  3. Yeah dude…you need to use their “AllofMP3 Explorer” stand-alone option. It’s great.

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