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A Very Clinton Thanksgiving

So we spent Thanksgiving this year not with my friend Adam eating cold cuts and ramen mashed potatoes, but at an honest to goodness Thanksgiving dinner at Jillian’s grandmother’s house in Clinton, CT. We were joined by her aunt, sister, and cousin, leaving me the only guy there. Luckily, I have the testosterone of 25 ordinary men, so the balance didn’t seem that off. We ate dinner, looked at baby pictures, compared Anglo and Italian traditions (oh, you cover your artichokes in meat stuffing? We prefer mayonnaise…etc.), played a rousing game of Cranium, and I drank copious amounts of Jillian’s late grandfather’s leftover bottle of Dewer’s. Here, some pictures so you can truly see this event in your minds:

This picture pretty much sums up the mood of the day. Josephine explains the mysterious origins of this 35 year old jockey-shaped liquor bottle.

Jillian had an entire box of pictures of herself to look at, while Josephine explains the minutiae of each photo.

I elected to spend much of my day pleasantly bemused.

The family gathers around for a game of Cranium.

Jillian and I at the head of the table.

All in all, the entire day was, really, a pure joy. It is nice to see families being all family-like, and you really realize that they are all pretty similar, the world over. The oldest member dodders around, the oldest kid tries to control slips of patience with said doddering, the kids all chatter, and everyone drinks. A lot. It’s reassuring and amazing, and I was honored to be a part of it. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Malcolm, you do look hot with your new haircut. (Lauren told me this the other day, but I tend to take her constant gushing about you with a grain of salt.) Jillian – gorgeous as always. Glad you had a good day.

  2. You look really cute malcolm and jillian is also beautiful…

  3. Jillian is amazing, and her family is adorable. How great to have wonderful families who love you both so much!

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