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Keyboard and Mouse Upgrade

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. At last. Upgrade time. I used to have a wireless optical mouse, but ended up retiring it in favor of a corded solution because of the precision I need in Photoshop, etc. For a long time, I have been wrestling with myself over the idea of spending a ridiculous amount of money on a new keyboard and mouse for my home rig, but could never QUITE justify the cost. Until yesterday. FINALLY, my mouse just sort of crapped out.

Buttons wouldn’t hold for click-drag operations, tracking became weird, and the whole thing just kind of stopped working. My keyboard, though it worked fine, was the no-name model that shipped with my system when I originally purchased it a few years ago. It just wasn’t SPECIAL, and I used the hell out of it. Want proof?

Pictured above: The fact that I was WEARING THE LETTERS OFF THE KEYS, and am officially More Tech Than You. Not pictured? The 40 pounds of filth, dust, and disease in between each key.

AT LAST! A reason to buy a new system. If I had to spend the money on a new mouse, why not upgrade the keyboard as well? I opted for the Logitech MX-5000 system. It’s completely wireless, and works over Bluetooth. The keyboard features touch-sensitive media controls, an LCD screen that displays incoming email and IM notifications, and more. It also acts as a Bluetooth hub for other things that may need to sync with my computer, such as Bluetooth PDAs, cell phones, etc. The mouse steps up from optical technology to LASER, which means it tracks as precisely as a corded optical mouse. It also is super over-molded, resulting in the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever held.

It’s like a giant batarang.

Setting up the MX-5000 system was not without its hiccups. The bundled Logitech software seemed to not want to cooperate with XPs built-in Bluetooth handling, and I ended up having to re-install the system. Now, though, it seems to be working perfectly.

The new setup.

So here’s the deal. I now have a tiny, wireless Bluetooth keyboard, an awesome wireless mouse, and the 20″ widescreen Dell LCD. That means, once I sell my tower and buy a laptop, I have a full portable solution. I can use the laptop as is on the go, and then when I get to a new “home base,” I can unpack the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, attach them to the laptop, and have a fully functioning home PC. It’s the ultimate traveller’s solution. Dig.

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  1. Hallo malcolm.. WOw nice flat screen.. I am using one as well.. Used to use wireless optical mouse but only on laptops and uses an optical mouse but not wireless in PC … and thank you that you like the new design

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