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Your Insubordination Is A Punishable Offense

As part of The State’s continuing effort to improve The People through The Program known affectionately as the The Large Leap Ahead, we are imposing a book club in which The People are free to read the chosen material and expected to meet in a public forum to exchange State-approved ideas related directly to the literature at hand.

To proffer the illusion of democracy, the people will be given options; The Committe will ultimately decide what is read.

Your participation will be rewarded.

Who’s Reading…We’re Reading !

With Military Dignity and Abiding Love for the State,

The General

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  1. Damn that is cool. Are we getting t-shirts?

    I just bought Teacher Man (I know it should be italicized, but I don’t know how to “use HTML tags for style”) by Frank McCourt, so I vote for that. I read the introduction in Barnes and Noble and was sold.

    I have precious little time to read for pleasure and would love to participate whatever the group (or owl) chooses. So lets get moving on this before the holiday break.

    Oh and is this a Jillian or Malcolm image? I know that Jillian teaches photoshop, so I just don’t know.

  2. I am down for reading too, even though I think books are for suckas. And I know none of the things *I* would pick will get in the running.

    And the official seal was me. It was all part of my “wanting to work but not necessarily make money” portion of the day.

  3. I want to do it too. I just started the latest David Sedaris (2004) and just finished Kitchen Confidential by Anthony BOurdain (MB-I’m lending it to you when i see you next). I’d do a Frank McCourt book. Whatever. Also, I want a t-shirt

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