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Little Read Book

The Committee has approved the following titles
for The People’s consideration:

Jeffrey Eugenides

The Sunlight Dialogues
John Gardner

The Heart of the Matter
Graham Greene

Knut Hamsun

Teacher Man
Frank McCourt

Vladimir Nabokov

A House for Mr. Biswas
V.S. Naipaul

Your comments will be taken under advisement.

As always, public opinion is necessarily that of the State.
Dissidents and their families have already been purged.

With striking new epaulettes on my shoulders
and the well-being of the State in my breast,

The General

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  1. list of books

    If that doesn’t work, just use the link below to get to the posting. There are links to most of the books on the list, so that people can easily look into them.

    Sadly, the two I wanted to read the most (Teacher Man and Sunlight Dialogues) do not have the search inside feature.

    I will rank my choices later.

    Good list by the way.

  2. My order

    1. Teacher Man
    2. Sunlight Dialogues
    3. Lolita
    4. Middlesex
    5. Hunger
    6. Heart of the Matter
    7. A House for Mr. Biswas

    Maybe switch 3 and 4.
    How about a point system to determine the book?

  3. I’ve heard good things about Middlesex. But as appropriate, I will bow to the General

  4. I read Middlesex. It has been almost 2 years, so I don’t remember any specifics. However, I remember enjoying it immensely.

  5. If we’re not reading as a group, can we still get t-shirts and have cocktails?

  6. YES

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