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freenewconsolesI wanted to talk about a pretty cool looking site I found today called It’s the same type of deal you’ve seen again and again…enter your info, sign up for an offer, and get your prize…but without the clutter and 200-page registration forms you have seen everywhere else. This one truly seems legit, has brand name sponsors like Citibank and Netflix, and with a few referrals, who knows…it may just work. If nothing else, it’s worth a shot to not have to stand in line or pay 1000 bucks on eBay to get your next generation video game console.

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  1. Yes, these sites can be really great. I got an iPOd Shuffle for free very easily and picked up $20 Lowes gift card and other things. Probably got a net profit of $200.

    They want to give these things away to people who are willing to do just a little bit of viral marketing.

    Good luck!!!!!


  2. Neat, I’ve always like the idea behind freeipods, but always felt “hey I could go buy an ipod if I really wanted to.” This on the other hand, offers something I am not willing to pay for or just can’t get. Although, it is cool that you can get any of the systems. That’s huge buy-in potential.

  3. Whenever I’ve had too much unsupervised time at a computer and a credit card, I’ve gotten myself into so much trouble with the free-this-or-that sites. Most of the time I didn’t have the patience to see them all the way through, but I still ended up with a 30 dollar monthly membership to

  4. What are you doing? We’re hanging out at Dan and Maggie’s. SOmeone should call us.

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