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Pimp My Ride

What’s the easiest way to turn a beat up old Oldsmobille Silhouette van into something special? Slap on some decals, and give it the same designation as the Starship Enterprise that Captain Jean-Luc Picard flew. Beats spinners and a drop kit, any day of the week.

Pure joy spotted in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

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  1. Well, it sure is good that the Picard link is close to the top of the page again. Makes my life easier- or haunted- or something.

    This alll makes sense; those minivans look like spaceships to begin with.

    On a similar note- according to another (altogether different) minivan I saw in Durham, CT this morning, “Senior Citizens [are] for Picard.”

  2. ich have an oldsmobile silhouete and i don´t know how i can design my car. can you help mee??? please

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