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Cocaine Corner

Cocaine!Welp, I am entirely unsure what to make of this. It’s a blog with a purpose, and it’s Cocaine Corner. Is it being unbelieveably clever, and commenting on the recent resurgence of cocaine use in NYC? Is it straight parody? Is it really just a chronicle of someone who loves cocaine? The meaning is not obvious, but two things are clear.

  1. First, the writing style is impeccable and hilarious, complete with a Zagat’s-style guide to hotspots. For example:

    Jon Sampson’s Bedroom, 21st and 1st: Sampson’s bedroom, a “hidden gem” of drug havens located in a small basement apartment in Peter Cooper Village is “little known” and “off the beaten path,” but “well worth the trip” for “plentiful helpings” of “excellent quality blow (for NYC.” If you can put up with Sampson’s “incessant, incoherent ramblings” concerning such topics as “the ongoing war in Vietnam” and “why Jane Fonda ruined America,” and don’t feel awkward frequenting the home of a “blown out Vietnam vet who lives with his cranky Irish mother,” you “won’t be able to feel your tongue until 12 hours after you run out of stuff,” you’ll be “so high.”

  2. This blog jogs my memory, both positive and negative. On the one hand, you’ve got sniffing drugs off some girl’s neck in the basement of a nightclub at four in the morning, and there’s nothing sexier or more NYC than that. But on the other (now much more relevant) hand, man, it’s horrible to see bar bathroom lines get so held up and congested.

At any rate, this guy is either a genius or a full-on drug addict. But he sure is funny.

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