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Merry Christmas! Your Car is Dead!

The holidays have come and gone, and so has our Volvo. On Christmas Eve, the timing belt blew, ramming a piston hard into the cylinder, denting it badly. Jillian had the car towed, then spent the rest of the day drinking bloody marys at the TGI Friday’s next door, where I imagine a lot of people go to drown their automotive woes.

So the next day, we learn there are three options for a 16 year old car that we paid $2500 bucks for.

  1. Have the cylinder machined, at a cost of about 3000 dollars. This may then cause further problems, though, on an engine with 150k miles on it.
  2. Replace the engine. This is actually less expensive, but hard to tell what you’re getting.
  3. Junkyard the car and get a big loan from some sleazeball loan shark to buy some little assbreather new car.

None of these options are attractive to me. So for now, we are driving Jillian’s sister’s 1989 Dodge Aries, a real charmer that needs a new muffler, a new battery, and every single piece of cosmetic work you can imagine.

We don’t know what we are going to do. The idea of junking the car is heartbreaking, since it is in incredible shape, except of course for the engine. On the other hand, dumping that much money into the car seems crazy. So, the Volvo sits at the Firestone place, temporarily abandoned, while we try and figure out what’s next. Happy Holidays!

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