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Retractions and Amendments

Ahem…pardon me… could I have your attention for a brief moment? This is just to say, that all we want… is… to GET THE FUCK OUT. Why is this so damn difficult?

Neither of us has grandiose aspirations for weath and power. Maybe I want to write something beautiful or relevant or good; maybe malcolm will teach me the butterfly stroke; perhaps, just perhaps we’ll open a little cantina on the beach, where our brown baby runs around and everyone dances and debates and drinks well into the night. I want to move to somewhere not here, someplace always warm and sometimes frightening, always challenging. I want to use my body, which will become lean and strong, and my mind, which will be free and mercurial. I want to know old women from ancient cultures and brazen women from the Baltic sea, who’ve come to the Carribean to make papier mache masks for dogs to wear in holiday festivals. I want to be barefoot. I want to drop in on a real wave with passion and velocity.

I’m going to try more than I ever have to be of use, to be marketable, to be a help to the cause of us. I hope there is an end in sight, a sense of a tropical sunset beginning.

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  1. So having the genes of an original escape artist I’m baffled as to the problem I remind you my first escape was w/ 13 dollars and I stayed in Europe for 2 years..SOO its easy, just hard to get rolling

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