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Scooters in Springtime

vespaWondering what you should be saving your money for this Spring? Meet Harrington Scooters, where I plan to buy my deliciously restored 150cc Vespa. The problem with Vespas, is that the original models are prohibitively expensive here in the states, and the new models are mostly made of plastic. Where ISN'T this the case? In Vietnam.

In Vietnam, scooters of all shapes and sizes are as plentiful as can be. There have recently been many small boutique restoration shops started, who are more than happy to ship to the US. In my opinion, Harrington is doing the best job. They take old, unloved Vespas and Lambrettas, completely strip them down, and rebuild them from the ground up over around 2000 hours using 38 guys. The result?

You go from this...

...to THIS:

...And all for a lot less than you might think. Fully restored, 40 year old road tested Vespas start at around two grand, plus the cost of shipping to your nearest international port. Sure beats what those smug, posturing Vespa jerks are trying to get for their bikes here in the states. For Vespa quality without the smarm or expense, check out the Harrington Group.


Hey I was searching on google about them and found your site. I'm looking for a scooter now too. I just read some posts from some guys who checked out Harrington scooters in person and they are crap. They just resell worn out junk they buy from all the little shops in Vietnam so better steer way clear!

"Their stuff is Sh1te aviod like the plauge!!!! "

"I have seen 3 of Harrington's scooters at a shop in Notts,
TV175, Li3, Lis.
Nice paint, shame about the build and mechanical stuff (CRAP)
Advertises as concourse restoration, now that is funny !!!"

The Harrington ebay ads are so cheesy and over the top it figures they sell junk. Oh well, the search continues :-(

Ah, dammit, thanks for the tip. I wondered if it was too good to be true. Keep me posted on who you finally end up going with.

I recommend doing another search on harrington scooters. The only things i can find from people who actually OWN or have INSPECTED a Harrington Scooter- is all extremely positive, on both the scooters and the service. It gets me- a bunch of enthusiasts doing a good job, and idiots with nothing better to do than speculate making bold and negative comments. Thats the internet for you. I bought a vespa last year from them- its better than i could have imagined, i am delighted with it and anybody who wants to contact me regarding their service- just email me.


i have now imported 15 scooters from harringtons, and re sold six of them to enthusiasts,, these scooters are perfect, they have been checked out by numorous scooter shops and clubs in the manchester area and had nothing but positive comments, i am now a re seller for there scooters and buy about six per month. you wont find better anywhere, the only people slagging them off are dealers who are pissed off cos this new way of buying a scooter means that they can no longer charge stupid prices for tatty un restored scooters, if anyone wants to buy one get in touch with me and i will supply you with one that you can veiw before you buy, for the same price of buying direct,,,,,, DAVE


got a scooter from harrington and no problems ...it's been six months of riding it everyday. Just minor adjustments here and there and the bike works great for its age!

Do you have a web site or contact address

yes mate call me on 07748877367

Some fake posts here it looks like. I came across this and did a search and didn't see anything good. Do a search on the LCGB forum about these guys to get some honest opinions from people in the know who aren't selling anything.


Some comments I found:

Its one of the Harrington jobbies, have had a few over here, have had to change so far, ignition, wiring loom, headlight, tyres.
Why do people still buy these.

Stay away! i bought a series 3 150 special from Harrington. The bloody thing hardly ever started! The parts they used were from different series three's bodged together. all nuts and bolts were cheap and not made ifrom stainless steel. All badges are cheap and look it! The bodywork is all filler! Do yourself a favour and always buy from a rep in th UK. Read up on what your after first. Cambridge Lambretta have a great write up on what to look out for when inspecting a Lammy.
I learnt the hard way thanks to harrington. Lost £800!!! They also do not tell you about the extra shipping costs....

I've seen five of these imports personally. They have all come into a local scooter shop that I frequent often. They all look nice and shiney with chrome bits added BUT although they have been built on Italian frames they are bl**dy dreadful. On all of the engines I have seen they have all needed a complete rebuild. Clutch plates sh*t, various blobs of weld stuck to anything metal, chains well worn....the list could go on and on. Even if you were to replace the engine with an Indian jobbie at approx £500 you would still have to change all the lighting, check and probably replace the brakes, lighting etc. Buy one .... No way.. Just my opinion

my mate spent 4 hours at the IOW trying to fix an LI special for a bloke that looked great on the outside and cost £3000, but turned out to be a total load of rubbish which needed completely stripping and starting again. they are basically a very expensive restoration project! why do people still buy these things, as it's already been said why not use an established dealer? using these t**ts is putting decent dealers out of buisness as they cant afford to sell quality spares and bikes for the same price as the s**t that charlie is knocking out! also a little bird has told me that some scooter related journalists are investigating several uk based firms who are dealing in these bikes and are putting evidence together suggesting certain dealers are selling dangerous scooters.

See how the front wheel sticks out beyond the mudguard? It's correct.
Now look at this harringtongroup picture: (photo)

This is why you don't want to be buying these pretty shiny turds. You could die!!

i rebuilt vespas to perfection,mostly 125 primavera and vespa 100 for the last six years,it cost me 1500 to 1800 pounds each,it sounds 2 good to be true,1965 vespa full recondition for that price

For the record...I don't have any ties to these guys at all. Just looked like a good outfit. Your comments are starting to make me think otherwise, however.

Well David, I know you sell scooters from the Harrington group. I bought the blue/white SX replica last summer (I'm from belgium, remember ?)
The scooter looked good, but engine.... Had about 40km without problems. By now there's another 1000 euros spend. New cilinder + piston, new carbu, crankshaft, gearbox... In fact the engine had to be rebuilt totally. And even worse: the rear shock absorber was simply broken !!!! You can kill someone like that !!! I don't mind spending money on scooters. But when I pay more than 4000 euros and have been told that the scooter is in 'topcondition', it would be fine if the scooter is ready to ride...
I cannot find you e-mail adress, but would like to get in tough, so please, send me a mail. jolienenlieven@hotmail.com

Heard more bad than good about Harrington, whereas ScootRS and Saigon Scooter Centre seem to have a good rep. One question, if Harrington are so good why do they not advertise in the scooter media??


Does anyone of david butterworths latest contact details. I am looking at purchasing a vespa that was sold by him to the guy I am buying from and just wanted to check out its background



hi sx clone i bought is not a new engine but a reconditioned one the body work spray job ok but had to pay another 600 and more euros to get the engine correct best advice do not buy

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