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My Dad Calls it “MickeyLand”

Mickey MouseMeet Jupelo. This 19-year-old entrepreneur is spending an entire year at Walt Disney World, before he starts his freshman year in college. He started three businesses and has been running them since he was 13, and has a little liquid to blow before he dives into college. The plan? Fly to Disneyworld once per week, spend six days in one of the resorts, and record every minute of the whole thing without going insane.

What may be even MORE compelling is what exactly this kid did to be able to throw that kind of money around at 19, but whatever.

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  1. How did this kid make his money? It is unclear.

    i like the idea here, but I’m pretty sure that I’d go insane.

  2. Why is he wearing a Mickey Mouse costume in your picture there?

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