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Synergy6 and JC Get Off

SpitzerThe Supreme Court of the State of New York dismissed all charges against Synergy6 and Justin Champion in association with the NY State Attorney General investigation into, and Delta Seven Communications, LLC for the transmission of unsolicited email. Synergy6 and Justin Champion were completely exonerated of these charges.

Well, it’s about time. And Mr. Champion raises an excellent point:

“Who is going to explain to the former Synergy6 employees that their jobs were eliminated through the wheels of politics?” asked Champion. “Is Mr. Spitzer going to explain to my family why he destroyed my business while unable to provide the Court with even a basic establishment of liability on the part of me or my company without ever having a chance to defend itself?”

Until the accusations, Synergy6 was one of the fastest growing agencies in the Internet Advertising Industry achieving nearly $9MM in their first year of operation, growing to nearly 50 employees. Serving millions of impressions daily amongst thousands of websites simultaneously. According to the court document Synergy6 was “put out of business” shortly after the suit was filed. You can read the full court document here.

Also, could anyone else not help but notice that the always oh-so-fairly balanced NYTimes, who splashed news about this for several days across their business and technology sections back in 2003, had nothing to print about the final ruling?

Finally, with all of this messy business behind us, don’t you think it’s time to celebrate with an “Eliot Spitzer Threatened Me” t-shirt? Enjoy!

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