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Silent Hill Trailer

Silent HillSilent Hill was the first Playstation game I can remember that scared the hell out of me. Cinematic camera angles, lots of obscured vision, and, for the first time, a real sense of ATMOSPHERE that was simply not present in the early Resident Evil games. Where RE sought to startle you with things crashing through windows, Silent Hill tried to SPOOK the pants off you. Memorable example? At one point, you hear a kitten crying in a locker. You find where the sound is coming from, and open the locker. There is nothing there. About an hour of gameplay later, you return to the locker room. You hear the same kitten crying. You open the locker, and inside, an explosion of blood and gore is all that remains.

So, thanks to the creativity-bereft Hollywood engine, it was a matter of time before this game was turned into a movie. And, Holy Crap Christmas, could it actually be good? My brain says no, but my guts say, “Hmmm, maybe.” Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

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