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Brokeback to the Future

Brokeback to the FutureWow. This video mash-up of “Brokeback Mountain,” a movie about gay cowboys, and “Back to the Future,” a series of movies about gay time travellers, has just officially been nominated into Malcolm’s Best of 2006 Web Videos. If this movie is any indication, it’s gonna be a great year for viral time-wasters. Watch it, laugh hysterically, repeat.

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  1. I’m sold. Well done.

  2. Freakin genius.

  3. You guys should enter this in the Huffington Post CONTAGIOUS FILM FESTIVAL. Check it out.
    email me…no contact info on your site!!!

  4. guys-enter this in contagious film festival at me to discuss. No other contact info on site…

  5. Hey Romi,

    Glad you enjoyed the video…unfortunately, we can’t take credit for it. The only info I have is the domain listed at the end of the clip…which doesn’t seem to be working.

  6. You can try the website again! Glad you guys like it so much, we love it too and never realized it would go so far! Thank you for your comments and we hope all is well.
    ~The Members of Chocolate Cake City~

  7. Funny stuff!

  8. My stomach is sore from laughing and my eyes look like I’ve been bawling for weeks…. Great stuff, hilarious!

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