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London Calling

God SaveI’m going to be taking a break from my usual hard-hitting coverage of Super Mario Brothers, video mash-ups, pirate hookers, and chili, in order to take a little weekend trip to London. I will be updating as much as I can from the road, so expect a slight departure from the norm for the next few days, as DroppedIn finally starts to take shape as the travelblog it yearns to be. And of course, there will be a full wrap-up when I return. Cheerio.

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  1. Have a wonderful wonderful time, and, if need be, DO NOT FORGET to send a forwarding address!
    Love you, and bon voyage!

  2. Thank you. The hotel I’m staying at is linked in the post. See you soon!

  3. What’s all this then?

  4. Go on mah son!

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