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An Open Letter to Teenagers:

Please stop using the internet if you’re going to act foolishly; you are ruining it for the rest of us. When you meet someone on say, myspace, who has feelings just like yours and is into Yellowcard, and seems supercool, and wants to meet, DON’T DO IT. Why don’t you know by now that this so-called kindred spirit is, in actuality a grunting 40-year-old pedophile? This is very clear to the rest of us. So, what’s the glitch? Just DON”T MEET THEM. Stay home, get stoned, eat Funyons, read Howl, whatever. Chat with ’em, show ’em your junk on your web cam for all I care. JUST DON”T MEET THEM. ANYWHERE. EVER. Problem solved. Nobody gets raped and nobody has to write incensed articles about the dangers of the internet. This is what’s best for everyone. I know, because I am a grown-up. So we’re cool? You’re not going to meet your new online “buddy” behind the mall after it closes? Good.

Thanks very much for your time,

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  1. The big problem here is that pedophiles have a new way to shop for victims from the comfort of their own homes. More students are abducted than agree to meet people places.

    And the internet is a dangerous place.

  2. It’s a whole lot better than shopping for my victims in public. Plus, my trenchcoat and moustache is usually a dead giveaway, in person.

  3. Is this the start of the “Ask Jills” advice column? Biting commentary on true issues?

  4. Great reading, keep up the great posts.
    Peace, JiggaDigga

  5. Hi, Nice!

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