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The “Contract of Wifely Expectations”

TravisMeet Travis Frey, a man not afraid to spell out in no uncertain terms precisely what he expects from his wife-to-be. The 33 year old Iowa man drew up a four page marriage contract, that sought to establish guidelines for his spouse in terms of hygiene, clothing, and sexual activities. Here are some excerpts, but you had better believe that all four pages make for some damned entertaining reading:

“When we are home alone and as a family, from when you are to be naked until 12:00AM, or for three hours, whichever is later, will be MY-TIME. During MY-TIME, you will NOT:

  1. Argue about anything with me or to me
  2. Complain about anything to me, or about me
  3. Cry, sob, whine, or pout
  4. Sigh, moan, sulk, or otherwise show displeasure or unhappiness
  5. Raise your voice at or to me

You will wear only thigh-highs and garters, and only thong panties. Half of your shoe purchases will be high-heels, 2 inches or more. You will then wear these high heels more often”

Is he a hero or a madman? A lunatic or a saint? Oh, and the final note about ol’ Trav-dog? He’s being brought up on kidnapping and child pornography charges. Whoops. (Thanks, Paul!)

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  1. I bet this guy can’t wait for robots.

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