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Jon is a Sad, Lonely Man

Wow, with this, our second post about the Garfield cartoon strip, we have now officially blogged about this long-running unfunniness exactly two more times than I ever thought we would. In this experiment, a simple truth is revealed: When you remove all of Garfield’s dialogue, the strip changes from a sidesplitting saga of lagsagna, dumb dogs, and sleeping into entirely something else. Without his thought bubbles, we are left with “the rather sad, poignant story about a lonely man who has spent his life talking to his cat.”

For example:

See lots more examples here and here, and try not to let it depress you too much.

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  1. john would be perfect for downer debbie… and maybe he would have a bit more self esteem if he started talking to people instead of cats. just a thought.

  2. Yes, it raises some interesting questions. Assuming Jon cannot hear Garfield’s thoughts, this is indeed what his life looks like. Or better yet, perhaps Garfield HIMSELF is just a figment of Jon’s imagination. Oh, I’m sorry, did your mind just get blown?

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