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HOW TO: Resurface a CD

Resurface CDsGot a CD that’s scratched beyond repair, but don’t want to buy one of those expensive (and often, ineffective) resurfacing machines? Turns out its easy to resurface them yourself. A little Brasso and a little elbow grease is all you need.

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  1. I actually tried this and it works. It seemed that a piece of sand or dirt or something got in-between the protective case of my iPod and the screen. After finding out about this stuff in iPod forums I figured I’d give it a shot and the iPod looks great.

    I then read that some guy used it for CDs so I put it to an old and otherwise useless Clapton CD that even that machine did nothing for. Worked great.

    Well worth the $3. Brasso rules.

  2. Nice dude…are you excited about the new “DIY” category? Because I sure am.

  3. Cool. Didn’t notice that. Yes I am.

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