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Giant Appliance Magnets

MagnetEuropean company Vinçon has just released these giant printed sheet magnets, cut to fit onto the faces of refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, for an instant dose of design in your home. Though these would be great for protecting the delicate stainless steel faces of smudge-attracting fridges, I think the better application is for beat up appliances that you don’t want to replace.

Man, my old roomate and I had this idea about three years ago, when we were confronted with an apartment refrigerator that was mustard yellow and had only screw holes where the handle should be. But rather than giant blow-ups of lemons or strawberries, we were going to put on a huge, surface-covering black and white magnet of NWA’s Eazy-E. We never actually got around to it, and sadly, my window for an Eazy-E fridge probably closed about the same time I started living with a woman. (Thanks, Matt!)

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