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Sunday in Mystic

So, in spite of telling Jillian that I would never go with her to an aquarium, ever, we went to Mystic on Sunday and went to the aquarium there. To my surprise, I actually had a really good time. I had never been before…it’s big, mostly outdoors, and there is lots to see. I couldn’t stop thinking about jumping in the water with the sea lions, as well as thinking about how much fun all the trainers must have after-hours, swimming with whales and making dolphins open beers and so on.

Mystic in general is a very cool little town. It’s almost carribean-feeling, only with a nice, cold, New England twist. I dig it there; maybe after we strike it rich we will move there and I will start a boat museum or a white-people farm.

At any rate, here’s the pics:

Mystic is about an hour from here. I drove, which was exciting considering my non-licensed status (learner’s baby!). Also, my beard is awesome. Whoops, that should have said “gross.”

We saw rays:

And sea lions:

We have decided that our cat is part sea lion. They seem like one species of only a handful of animals that really seem to be enjoying themselves:

Oh! And we also saw Beluga whales:

Here’s proof:

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  1. I told Emily that I would never go to the Renaissance Festival with her, EVER! Nothing about it appeals to me. Aquariums are pretty boss though. Cool pic of the sea lion. Those things are cute. I’ve found that when wild animals are cute that usually makes them dangerous. I could really use one of those chicken parm sandwiches from that little deli up the street from your place.

  2. …you don’t know how to drive?!

  3. It’s not that I don’t know how…it’s just that I am not licensed to do so. Soon though.

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