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Help Dan Win His Bet

Win This BetDan has a little problem. See, he bet his girlfriend he could make a website about nothing, and still get two million people to visit it. His girlfriend, Kim, told him he was an idiot. So they made a little friendly wager. What’s at stake? Not just deciding once and for all whether or not Dan IS an idiot, but also a little thing the French like to call “Menage.” High stakes indeed.

It’s clear Kim radically underestimates the power of the hyperlink. So by god, do your duty and get Dan the two million he needs. It’s not clear whether he is counting uniques or just hits (and the link to the official contract appears to be broken), but he’s already well on his way. And he promises to reward the faithful with photos of the whole process. Godspeed, Dan. (Thanks, MKatz!)

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  1. It’s over 2 million now. But isn’t this website about something? I’d like to see that contract.

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