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good night, and good fuck

I just wrote my first blog entry in many months, and I assure you it was hilarious, but none of you will ever read it. Dropped in no longer upholds free speech as one of the most basic rights in American society. I have been stifled, suppressed, silenced. My partner would not have you see the truth, in all its carnal, undignified glory. I believe he is a puppet for an entity more powerful than himself. This is bullshit. I am incensed. The disclosive populism, upon which this site was founded has been replaced by nepotism, jingoism, and the plain jism. ha. let’s just see if that one slips past the watchful eye of our very own Big Brother. this post will probably get lost in “cyber space” before it has a chance to be read, its message lifting the people out of their complacency and getting their voices heard. In fact, I’ve probably already been purged, exiled, executed, broken into submission. blacklisted, blackballed, player-hated, witch hunted, fcked by the fcc, the fbi and the imdb. It has been my pleasure, nay my honor, to speak my truth in this forum. I used to be a sexy pirate. now I’m just a patsy. Talk Hard.

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  1. Jilly, can you get me another beer? Thanks dear.

  2. sad, sad, sad….way to use your time here. can’t you find something more useful to do with yourself? for starters, get over yourself!

  3. Hey pleasureearth,

    Long time reader, first time commenter? Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your candor. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to. Maybe we can get together to do something useful together soon. I have a few suggestions.


  4. no, just came across this. in sudan working for RI with displaced citizens and a potential long-term assignment to mexico. sure there are many kindred neighbors there who could benefit from a priveleged, self-centred, egocentric american. expand your head beyond yourself-it does feel good.

  5. wow, lucky you. Lucky me, I guess too.

    The thing is, pleasureearth…we are absolutely aware of how arrogant, how self-centered, how absurdly focused on our tiny world we are. That’s sort of the point. It’s funny. Maybe you’ve lost your sense for the comedic. I certainly couldn’t do what you do. I am completely aware of my short comings. It is kind of awesome to be reminded, thanks for your fresh perspective. Like college in Boston all over again. I am genuinely amazed by your contribution to society. I have never had the benefit of such a comfy position to be quite so…altruistic. Hopefully, one day; maybe after my 30th birthday. heart-ya, j

  6. self-tickling too? you’re quite the (self) accomplisher. lucky you! if we could all revolve in our own orbit and bring all that is external back to our own relevance….even a frat experience if need be…what would we be? just as shallow hiding under some pensive existence.

    comfy and altruism are analagous. you’d know this if you looked into the “benefit” of it. which begs the question for your readers…….how are you just so comfy to speak nothing of it…….

  7. Pleasureearth, is English your first language? It’s the only thing I can think of that could be causing this level of rancor.

    Your responses here haven’t made a whole lot of sense. A “frat experience” being brought back to Jillian’s own relevance? “How are you just so comfy to speak nothing of it?” Are those complete thoughts? What on Earth can they even MEAN? Are those expressions bits of obscure Sudanese slang that I’m just not familiar with?

    I can’t, for the life of me, imagine what a year-old post has done to upset you to this degree. You attacked a post written as an inside joke, back when Dropped In was just something we did to amuse ourselves and our friends. I’m not sure what you thought was going on or being communicated in the original post, but it’s obviously way off-base. Now, if you were criticizing anything currently relevant, anything about what this blog has actually become over the last nine months, it could be at least mildly interesting…but continuing this argument about nothing (save, of course, for working so hard to convince us how superior and enlightened you are) is just kind of…dumb.

    Thanks for reading!

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