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The Motorized Cruisin’ Cooler

CoolerThere are certain products available in the world, that reflect a conscious lifestyle choice. Think about it. Every time you are in the supermarket, you look at the Nutella, and you think about how delicious that creamy hazelnut spread would be on a crusty load of bread. But do you buy it? Of course not. Why? Because then you would be a “person who owns and eats Nutella,” which is a lifestyle choice that is far too decadent to even imagine.

Take this logic to its natural limit, and you get the Motorized Cruzin’ Cooler, a fully functioning beer cooler that you can ride around on at a brisk 13 miles per hour. Though I have never met the owner of such a device, you can bet that every single person on their customer list is a person you would love to hang out with. Just look at this dude, riding his beer around, shades on, ear-to-ear grin, not a godamned care in the world. He is living the dream. Set your sights on this guy; he is your end goal. Now, go out there and make your life choices accordingly. (Thanks, Urs!)

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  1. Urs, I love that you posted this. You have one don’t you?

  2. Why??



  3. “I like your blog. I’ve entered you into a random drawing on my site, to win 150 Blog Explosion credits. Contest begins Friday and ends Saturday, 5/6/06 at 11:59pm, PST.”

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