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Crimminey, I Almost Forgot

Malcolm BirthdayYikes, what with all the new blogs launching, I almost forgot about my birthday. Now, if I’ve done the math correctly (it’s a weird feeling when you honestly don’t know how old you are and have to count upwards from your date of birth on your fingers), I will be 28 on May 25th. And I just wanted to let everyone know, that gifts will be accepted this year. I’ll post more pictures on the big day, but for now, please enjoy the picture at left, taken on my birthday last year.

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  1. Don’t tell your dad! Maybe he won’t notice…

  2. Are you going to keep your presents or just sell them at the tag sale? P.S. I’m just getting you a case of buffalo chips.

  3. It depends…you’ll find that most of the things on my wish list fall into the critical “DVD or Booze” category.

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