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Nintendo Wii Video Shown at E3

Nintendo WiiWithout contributing any further to the extensive online arguments about whether or not Nintendo has completely lost its marbles with their new “Wii” console (OMG!!!!!!!1 WTF is a Wii?? Wheres teh REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1), I did want to draw some attention to the official Wii demo video that was shown at E3 this year.

Having a controller that looks like a remote control is odd on the surface, but you have to admire the leap Nintendo is taking in their positioning. Rather than compete with Microsoft and Sony on a pure polygon-pushing level, Nintendo wants to bring gaming to the casual user…and it thinks that its microphoned, speakered, gyroscopic controller, that always knows its exact position in three dimensional space, is the way to do it. It is a crazy leap, and it may end up becoming one of the most laughable business decisions of the last ten years. But if anyone can do it, Miyamoto can.

So check out the official E3 footage, and be sure to look for glimpses of Super Mario Galaxy, the new Metroid, the new Wario Ware, and the new Zelda. I had my doubts, but after seeing the nearly limitless application of this new controller, I may have to get on board. At least to watch.

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