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It’s Time to Get Serious About Switching Your Users to Firefox

FirefoxLook, you know that Firefox is the superior browser, with its full suite of amazing, productivity-adding plugins, proper rendering of pages, and powerful protection against spyware and popups. By now, millions of people have certainly heard of Firefox, and may be ready to make the switch…all they need is a gentle push. That’s where Explorer Destroyer comes in, and demands that you get serious about switching your users. As explained on their site, your goal should be to get your IE surfers under 50%, for their own good and the good of the Web. And now that Google is offering a $1 bounty for each user switched, it can be quite profitable, as well.

Explorer Destroyer offers several scripts you can install on your page, with increasing levels of aggressiveness. At level one, IE users see a gentle message (demo) across the top of the screen encouraging them to download Firefox. At level two, IE users will get hit with a splash page (demo) encouraging users to download Firefox, with a click through to your main home page. And at level three, things really get gnarly…blocking IE visitors altogether. Of course, your Google Adsense link is built into each Firefox download link.

All in all, Explorer Destroyer looks like a great way to encourage your users to switch, while making you a little scratch at the same time. Who knows, we may even try it for a few days on this site, just to see what happens. Although, our stats show that we are already “under 50%,” so it looks like our visitors are fighting the good fight already.

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