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“Ghost Rider” Trailer is Online – Uh Oh.

Sigh. Well, it’s got Nicholas Cage, which I guess could be considered a good thing in some circles. But I really think the special effects used to create a motorcycle riding demon from hell should be well done enough that I crap my pants, not start looking for my Playstation controller. Don’t get me wrong, I will see this movie next February, in part because of my duty to try and keep Marvel’s stock (MVL) from slipping any more, and in part because I would watch a movie where all Eva Mendes did was read a newspaper. Because, as Jillian points out, “she’s outrageous looking,” and therefore compels me to sit through Hitch.

But man, Marvel…I dunno. Spiderman and X-Men may truly be the only characters in your roster than can translate to the big screen.

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  1. Yeah, I loved that comic (the 1990’s one that took place in Brooklyn), but this looks like crud.

  2. Well at least the effects have come a little ways…remember how gay the Spawn movie looked?

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