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Guitar Heroics + Contra = Awesome

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  1. Totally awesome! I’m so glad that people are starting to take videogame music seriously. This cat is just shredding. One thing about these guys that bugs me though….I realize that you want to show off your dexterity but I just don’t want to see a camera trained on your crotch for two minutes. Back it up a little, would ya?

  2. Ha, I agree…that zoom is completely uncalled for.

  3. Loved the scammers tape even though the crook that the cop was holding looked an awful lot like your brother Mike. Made me wonder why I don’t go into that scamming bus if all the others doing it are as stupid as Josh???

  4. Since I have been portrayed on this blog as some kind of right wing nut ball I have to ask if after seeing our boys with their testicles cut off and shoved in their mouths which one of you bite the hand that feeds you America haters thinks that the libs will help keep your little balls in there right place. Just another right wing rant… Mac Bedell

  5. First off, take it easy, Glenn.

    Second, America has never fed me even one morsel, nor have I ever bitten anyone’s hand. I get nothing from my citizenship or participation in the system, and I use neither any of the resources nor freedoms afforded me. And those that think they do? Looks like what they get fed, in fact, is their own balls.

    Third, you have never been portrayed that way on this site. Your messages and emails have been the direct inspiration for several posts here, and some of them have been posted to the site verbatim. The Drop-In doesn’t align itself with any particular school of thought, or, for that matter, with thought in general. All sides of an issue are explored and then systematically ridiculed, because making fun of issues is much easier than taking a position.

    Finally, what does any of this have to do with a kid doing an awesome job of playing the theme song from Contra on his guitar? 🙂

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