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America Online Cancellation Hell

AOLSorry for the delay, we have had a crazy last couple of days. I’m coming off a five day bender, and am trying to get my head straight, as we continue with our to-do list of 2,000 items required for us over the next month or so. But even after receiving criticism over the weekend for copping out and posting a bunch of links and videos, I have to draw your attention to this one. Look, AOL is a nightmare, but canceling is even worse. Not only do their customer service reps try and talk you out of your decision, but they can sometimes be downright combative. Here, not only does a rep try and talk a customer out of canceling, but eventually beomes nasty, calls him a liar and tells him he’s annoying. CS has certainly gone to hell since my days in the trenches. It’s my nominee for best MP3 of the year. Though the original link is down due to being dugg, it is mirrored here. Enjoy, and weep.

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  1. wow that is just so f*cking frighteningy real. it sent a chill down my spine.

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