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Day 2: “No Name Yet” Kitten

So yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the vet saying that though the kitten (who’s record officially reads, “No Name Yet”) was kind of dragging her back end around, he thought the best thing would be for me to come and pick her up, swath her in blankets, and force-feed her antibiotics. Though it’s really the last thing we need right now in terms of chaos, I agreed.

Unfortunately, when I got to the vet, there was a different story. When preparing the cat to come home, one of the vets noticed that one of its back legs was decidedly not right. An x-ray revealed that not only was the rear left femur dislocated from its socket, but was also broken cleanly in two at the top of the bone. It was one of the most horrible x-rays I’ve seen, and I will try and get it to post here so you all can share in the horror.

I asked the vet what the prognosis was, and he explained that there was no way this bone could ever heal on its own, and would need to be repaired surgically. Before I could say a word, he explained that everyone at the hospital had been talking about this story all day, and that they would do everything they could to keep costs down. In fact, the surgeon was willing to perform the operation for free, leaving only the core costs, such as anesthesia, that they could not make go away. I asked if the kitten would recover normally, and he told me they have a saying: “Put a kitten and two broken bones together in a room, and it’ll be fixed in a couple of days.” I asked what the long term strategy should be. Give it to a shelter? Have it spayed and put it back in the street where I found it? The vet seemed flabbergasted that I wouldn’t want to keep it, and while I didn’t want to get into the details of our move, I couldn’t help but see his point.

Fast forward to this morning. Just got off the phone with the vet, who explained again that they were doing all they could to keep costs down for an animal that I became responsible for entirely by accident. In spite of this, the total bill was going to be around $1,000 bucks. As I balked, the vet explained that normally, the charges for this would be in the $2500-$3000 range. I told him I would have to consult with Jillian, and get back to him.

So this is hard as hell. I’m already $400 in, so really, we’re only talking about another $600 bucks. And while I certainly didn’t ask for this, it’s almost like the Volvo issue…so much cash has been burnt already, that why not continue? Besides, if I had them simply put the cat down, that would probably be a couple hundred more dollars for the Killing Shot plus disposal. So the question really becomes quite simple. If someone was standing in my living room, and told me that they were going to rip a kitten in half unless I paid them $400, would I do it? Of course I would.

Now, this was a big, unexpected chunk out of our savings. Money that we could certainly use for other things. We could pay off all our utility bills, or live for a whole month in Mexico. But I don’t see how, in good conscience, I can kill this cat, now, after already putting so much into it. I am already finding ways to rationalize it. “Well, maybe we’ll just have to stay with my parents for an extra week when we leave,” or, “I guess I’ll just have to take some kind of freelance project I don’t want.”

There are other questions to answer, including, “what the hell do I do with it when it’s well again?” However, for now, we are pushing forward with our $1,000 Bionic Kitten. I have to say I really don’t know why…I guess at the end of the day, even though I’m kind of a jerk to everyone, I’ve got a pretty good heart, and that gets me into trouble like this.

So now, an appeal to the DroppedIn audience. I hate stuff like this, but here it is. All I was trying to do was the right thing, and now it has cost a grand. And I can’t seem to not pay it. So I am asking you all for help. If you felt like donating any amount of money to this cause, I promise you that all proceeds will go directly into this kitten’s new back leg. The New Haven Central Vet Hospital has been amazing, and been very sympathetic and supportive, but there is only so much they can do. I will post video of the kitten tomorrow, when she gets back from the vet, and I’m thinking of some kind of little naming contest, so we will definitely keep this fun. But the readers of this blog are my family, and I’m asking my family for help.

If you can spare anything, even a couple of bucks, it would be greatly appreciated. I am suggesting donations of $20, but anything you can spare would be teriffic. Please donate using the PayPal button below, and thank you for your kind words and support.

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  1. You’re in New Haven?? I just found the links to these kitty posts through I Crap In A Box… That NH hospital has been great to us too, we spent a lot of time there recently when our little old man cat fell ill. Keep an eye out for a donation from us!

  2. I donated.

    What a remarkable thing you’ve done for this kitten 🙂

  3. Absolutely awesome thing you are doing for that baby kitty. You have my donation.

  4. I just donated in honor of Ricky & Huevos, two cats I adopted 18 years ago who changed my life.

  5. what a kind soul you are (i promise not to tell, though). i donated in memory of Uncle Eeker, Mouse McNasty, Spot, CharlieFluffyTail, Midnight, and Muffin–and in honor of Nels, Edmund, Nitro, and Xing Lu. may you all be as happy together as we have all been, and may Bastet bless you with purrrrrfect joy!

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