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Day 3: "No Name Yet" Kitten: World, Meet the Lady of the Hour

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. The time has come to introduce "No Name Yet," who is finally back from the vet, to the world. The surgery went beautifully, and she is expected to make a full recovery. She gets her stitches out in 10 days, and has spent the first couple of hours in full-on freak out mode. Right now, she is howling (and believe me, she has some pair of lungs) and hiding underneath my bed. I am just letting her be for now, because she is eating occassionally, and I figure has been through enough over the last few days without me pawing after her. I am just reassuring her in a low voice, and I figure she will be a little more forthcoming tomorrow after she has had a chance to explore tonight in the cover of darkness. Someone, please tell me if this is the incorrect approach.

Now for the bad news...the final vet bill was over $1300, so I have had to adjust the fund-raising thermometer a little bit. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we are STILL halfway to our goal, even with this setback. But enough talk...on with the show. You can see a larger version of any picture by clicking on it.

One of the most horriffic x-rays ever. In this before shot, you can see that not only is the femur dislocated, it is then immediately snapped in two.

After surgery...bionic kitty!

Vet bill, page one...that's a lot of work to put this little kitten back together.

Vet bill...page 2. I don't like two-page vet bills.

And now...for the grand finale...world, meet "No Name Yet!"

I've got her by the scruff because the last thing she wants to do right now is pose for pictures.

Here's where they sliced her open to rebuild her and make her better, stronger, and faster than before.

So for the last three hours, she has been in a nonstop crying panic, unused to her surroundingss, in pain, and probably unused to even being in a house. But just now, as I was typing this, I took a break, I pulled her out from under the bed, laid her on some blankets, stroked her head and talked softly to her, telling her that she was safe now, and okay. And you know what? She fell fast asleep. G'night No Name Yet...things will look better tomorrow, I promise.



Poor baby! You're great to take such good care of her. I sent you a donation today and I spread the word on the sites I frequent. I'll try to send more in the next couple days.

Thanks Karen...that means a lot to me. :)

Hey - would you mind cleaning up the multiple posts for me? The darn thing said INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and indicated that it didn't post, so I kept trying. Apparently it lies. Thanks!

Malcom, you and Jillian are angels for taking in little no name yet. She is gorgeous. but poor little baby! so much trauma in the last few days - getting hurt, being in the hospital and now in another strange place. Just keep up as much interaction as you can with her to get her to trust you. If I can be so bold to suggest, maybe "swaddling" her in a blanket like a baby and just holding her and talking softly to her for a while. That is what I have done with all of my kitties and I think it helps to get them used to their surroundings and new people. And it may keep the freak out down to a dull roar. - Meezers Mom

Glad she came through okay, and is starting to trust you a little. 2 questions: any word on mama kitty, and the bill said $956.00 What is the rest of the $1300???

Good question Beau and mom, I was wondering when that was going to come up, because I had the same question, myself. If you look at page two of the vet bill, you will see on the fourth row a line that says "Dr. Pond-Pro Fee Pd. Separate." Evidentally, the specialist that did the surgery gets paid seperately (not by the hospital), so they run my card through twice...once for the hospital, once for him. This line is in parentheses because it is not counted in the total for this bill, but is paid seperately. Hope this makes sense.

OH MY GOSH!! Mine (human) Momma gotted runned over by a car about 3 years ago & hers had to get a titanium rod in her femur too!! Her am a purrty kitty, if you is gonna keep her you should let her join the tuxedo gang & give her her own bloggie.....

I saw that billed separately part but on day 2, paragraph 3 surgeon said he was willing to do it for free. Did he change on that because I really hate people who do that?! By the way, my post for today was telling about this. I borrowed the shaved hip picture to go with it. Hope that was okay. (Playing on the emotions..heehee!) I already know one person who donated because of me putting word out! Hope it helps and hope you all have a good night! Be sure to check on her off and on tonight. Take care and God bless! (Check for multiples of this post and delete extras. Kept getting internal server error.)

Hey Beau and Mom...I took care of your multiple comments, thanks for your persistence. I think it's because this blog is getting like 6 times the traffic it normally does, today :)

To answer your question, the vet explained to me that the specialist that was doing the operation was doing it for free. The procedure that he did normally would have been in the $1500-$2k range, which would have brought the total cost up to around $3500, at which point I probably would have just stuck my head in the oven.

So though HE did it for free, there were some unavoidable charges...paying his anesthetist, his assistant, etc. So while he did walk away with a $400 charge...I am still grateful that it was a heckuva lot less than it could have been.

At any rate, thanks for your linkage and your support. It helps more than you know!

What a precious kitten. Can't get over you running into the street to save her. Look forward to seeing her complete recovery online. Also made a donation, will pass the word to others.

Thanks ML...you are amazing. I will keep you posted. :)

Just saw the story about the kitten on a catblog in Houston, Texas. So I click on the link .... what can I say, I live in New Haven and have taken my cats to Central for minor sugery (teeth cleaning, mostly), and I volunteer with a no-kill shelter located about two blocks up State Street from Central. Can't NOT contribute to a hometown kitten's recovery. Hope all goes well for her and for you. You did the right thing, believe me.

Thanks CT Yankee...what can I say, we're going national. :)

Central is AMAZING, and they really went out of their way to help me out on this one.

Thanks so much for your support.

Sorry about the multiple posts-- I got the same error messages as Karen C.

CT Yankee, what is the name of your shelter? I live about two blocks south of Central (on Bradley), and if this thing happens to go over the $1300, I would be happy to write you guys a check for the difference. Let me know, thanks.

Our shelter is the Greater New Haven Cat Project at 965 State Street. Saturday is our "open" day for people interested in adopting one of our cats, but messages can be left any time at (203) 782-CATS. If there is any surplus, I know our kitties would be grateful for a little help with the spay/neuter bills-- but please take care of NoName's needs first!
I know Bradley Street well-- I used to live in the Orange Street area when I was in grad school.

Yeah, plug! :)

I'll be in touch, if this keeps going strong.

Thanks, CT Yankee.

Thank YOU for restoring my faith in humanity-- you have no idea (or maybe you do now) how often we hear about people seeing a cat or kitten hit by a car and doing nothing about it. My second cat was simply abandoned by her previous "family" behind the Studio Zee tattoo parlor on the other side of State Street, and I've often thought about what might have happened to her if the owner of Studio Zee hadn't rescued her and brought her to the GNHCP. (He couldn't keep her because of allergies, but he did take care of her until he could bring her to us.)

Oh gosh!!! She's a Tuxie!!! She's gotta join the Tuxedo Cat Gang! hehehe We'll help more after Mommy gets paid. You're soooooooooo furry nice to help lil NoName-maybe-gonna-be-Lucky! We'll do alls we can to helps out. :)
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi, Gree, Robyn & Grandma
at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats

Hey Malcolm,
I can't look at that x-ray too long. I shudder. On the other hand, what an absolutely adorable little kitten! Refresh my memory...are you keeping her?

You rock. If "no name yet" could talk human, I bet she'd say the same thing...that and "What the freak happened to me?!" LOL!

So now that she's bionic, do you think she'll be able to kick kitty litter farther than any cat? Things that make you go Hmmm...

It's hard to tell from the picture, but did the vet estimate her age? Any news on the mother cat or littermates?

what a wonderful story. you're a great person for taking on this responsibility! I would not haul her out from under the bed -- when you have time, I would lie on the floor, pet her now and then, and just let her get used to you and your home.

The kitten is about 12 weeks old, and "a little bit feral" according to the vet. Mom cat is completely MIA since this happened...of course, I had never seen her BEFORE this happened, either. But man, what a horrible combination for such a young kitten...strange place, incomprehensible pain, and mom seperation. Yikes.

What an adorable kitty!

As I've said on an earlier post, I have donated, and found the link through a friends LJ. I plan on posting up a link on my El-jay too :)

Your a true godsend for this kitty!

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