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Day 3: "No Name Yet" Kitten: Y'all Are Astonishing

Wow. Within 24 hours of posting my plea for help, bloggers everywhere positively exploded with assistance. Just look at the thermometer over there on the left. Inside of a day, we are more than halfway to our goal.

First, Seawave dropped this on her blog:

"This story gives me hope about the compassion that lives in the human heart. So many people have become so busy and so self absorbed that it has become all too common to simply walk past suffering in this world, whether human or animal. To meander through life with such a casual indifference to that suffering is to lose the essence of what makes us human. Malcolm's action and his sharing of the story remind us all of our responsibility to care about what is right in front of us every day. Let's all learn that lesson and think about how we can apply it in our own lives." (read more)

Then, the "I Crap in a Box" blog hit us with this:

"We cats collectively salute our human staff, as many of you took us in under duress or because we were going to be litterbox-less if you didn't. I know Mommy never wanted pets, but she took in Kadi and me because we needed love and a safe, permanent home, and we didn't even have the special medical needs that "No Name Yet" currently has. So, to Malcolm, Kadi and I are giving you the two-tail salute, and we hope our fellow four-pawed, furry friends will join us in wishing him and the new munchkin a long and healthy friendship together!" (read more)

And this morning, we found this over on Chron.com:

"Want to help a wounded kittycat with no name? Here's an opportunity...but have plenty of Kleenex handy if you're quick to cry." (read more)

Then, the donations started pouring in, completely and utterly flooring us. Friends, relatives, strangers, and cat lovers everywhere started contributing. A big "thank you" to all that have contributed so far. You know who you are. Oh, you don't? Why, you're Joanne, Matthew, Caroline, Misty, Connie, Samantha, Rachel, Pet's Garden Photography, Anne, Danielle, Catherine, Christine, Robyn, Terea, Rahel, and Heide.

The total outpouring of support has completely and totally re-established my faith in humankind. Your actions have shown that compassion still exists in the world. It is amazing that you all are simply refusing to let me go this alone. Your contributions have sincerely meant so much to me, and I am absolutely astonished by the response to No Name Yet's story. She is truly a kitten that belongs to the Internet.

We still have a way to go, so please, please consider donating if you haven't yet. This story has gotten somewhat difficult to navigate, so here's the crib sheet: Day One: The Rescue | Day Two: The Bad News | Kitten Naming Contest Part One (voting closed)

I hope to have some very exciting news later this afternoon, as we launch phase two of the naming contest, and this little bugger gets discharged from the hospital. Expect pictures and video shortly. And again, thank you one and all, from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you for taking such good care of No-Name (I think Hope would be a good name) and I wanted to let you know about an online organization that may be able to help as well. It is www.IMOM.org, a completely volunteer-run, internet org that helps people pay vet bills in cases like yours. There's a form you'd need to fill out and the vet would have to agree to be paid by them, but you may want to give it a shot.

We're sorry we can't afford a donation, but we appreciate you and all those who are helping.

Best of luck!

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