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Rename "No Name Yet..." and win MONEY!

Here's how this will work. First, take some time to read the two posts below to familiarize yourself with the story thus far. She's a girl, and she was hit by a car and then rescued. Now, the time has come to name this kitten, and I want your input.

This will be a two-part poll. If you have a suggestion not shown here, please drop your suggestion in the comments. If there are lots of suggestions, we will run a second poll, using the winner of this poll and entries from the comments. If YOUR suggestion wins, you get $20 via PayPal, so be sure to include your email address with your comments! Thanks for your input! Oh, and hey, while you're voting, won't you consider making a donation?

Poll CLOSED! Thank you for voting!
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Phase two of voting coming soon!


What's wrong with Sister Mary Margaret to remember the nun's kind words? You could call her Sister for short....
You're a good man, Malc.
Love you

What about Grand for the cost of putting her back together? Or Millie (like "mille", French for thousand). Or Naranja, so she'll fit in in Mexico.

How about Marmalade (Orange Street...Marmalade...Orange Marmalade). I know it's lame, but I like it!

I'd go with something Dunkin Donuts related -- like Munchkin or Mocha or whatever it is that you like from their menu. ;) In any event, awesome story!

I think I'd call her Serendipity. Can you post a picture of her? You know, one picture is worth 1,000 words.

Pictures coming soon...she has to make it back from surgery first! :)

And Dawn...I agree, but, "Medium Iced Black Two Sugars" doesn't have as nice a ring to it. Maybe, "Vanilla Frosted?"

I think cash is perfect..
Good actions bring blessings!

Malcolm, you're one cool bean. To take in a feeble little soul like that, you've got a great BIG heart. If I were there, I'd purr for you.
Post a pic of little kitty no name...there's nothing more pathetic than a poodin in a cast (It'll help with the donations!) My Momma knows from experience...
I'll let my friends know about her plight too...who knows, shmaybe they'll want to adopt her!
Oh and I voted for Alley 'cause the other names aren't so feminine ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog, come back often!

Naming the kitty now? Sounds like she's gonna be part of the Malcolm family after all. Suggestions for names? Mine are Kismet (listed on dictionary.com as meaning fate; fortune....both seem appropriate); or Pandora (because the last thing left in the jar when she closed the lid was....hope).

We agree wif Timmy...you're a great guy!! What about namin' her Allie (a little more girlie)?

We hope that she does well in surgery! The New Haven Animal Hospital is about the greatest place on earth. We lived in New Haven until 1992 and always took our cats there. You are a good person for taking care of a sweet little kitty. - Trixie, Sammy, Miles and Meezer Mom

Dude, with kitten super powers, I think your finishing move might involve death by smothered in a giant pile of cute. In such an event, you may want to get going on your Anime outfits.

Also, the name should fit well with "Ed" and "My brother".

What about Hope?

This one makes sence "One's first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything - and one's last is to come to terms with everything."


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