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Rename "No Name Yet..." PHASE TWO

Okay everyone...this is the one that counts. The one for all the payola. The whole ball of wax. The big $20. This is phase two of the "Rename 'No Name Yet' Contest." If you're just hitting this site for the first time today, take some time to get caught up with the story thus far. Day One: The Rescue | Day Two: The Bad News | Kitten Naming Contest Part One (voting closed)

So, the winning name of the original poll was: "Lucky." However, I got an avalanche of suggestions from everyone, that showed me just how lame my original ideas were. So this poll is made up of the winner from the original poll, PLUS those names suggested in yesterday's comments. Remember, if YOUR suggestion wins, you get $20 via PayPal...but more importantly, you are bestowing "No Name Yet" with her name, so vote wisely.

Now, I hate to skew the results, but so far "Millie" is my favorite. It's from the spanish "Mil," meaning, "1,000," and it's appropriate not just because that's how much this kitten cost to put back together, but because she will fit in nicely if we take her with us when we move to foriegn lands.

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions. Oh, and hey, while you're voting, won't you consider making a donation, if you haven't already? We've gotten a tremendous response, but we're not there yet!

Voting CLOSED!
"Millie" WINS!
Congratulations Caroline, for the winning suggestion!
Click here to see full poll results!


Just read your story. Your compassion inspires. I made a donation and posted a link to your blog on mine. Hope Millie/Lucky is doing much, much better.

I'd like to make a suggestion that's not on the poll: Kesher. It's Hebrew for "connection." I figure it's appropriate for a cat who belongs to the Internet.

Well, Malcolm, it seems you have added your little Millie to your family, whether you either even know it yet or not. :)

I got here through a link on Oreo's blog (http://boogieheadoreo.blogspot.com/) and I made a donation. I hope you'll be keeping the little one, but if you can't I'm sure a home can be found. Bless you for helping the little one! I'm looking forward to pictures and updates.

I got here from Max's page.
You really made me feel happy and I hope taht she gets better soon. I know that you're probably not gonna do another poll, but I was always thinking you could call her "Tux" Or "Penguin" Because she's black and white.

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