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Day 5: “No Name Yet” Kitten: General Update

Hey everybody. I have a lot of big news to report, so strap in. First, the kitten had her worst night so far, last night. Beginning at around 4AM, we heard the worst crying sounds coming out of her yet. I came into the spare room, to make sure she was okay, and she was running back and forth screaming her guts out. When I tried to approach her, she hissed, spat, and even tried to take a nibble at me. From outside, I could hear a cat crying in response. I hoped against hope that it was Mom Cat, and that they had somehow found each other and were calling out to one another. So I threw on pants, and rushed outside. It turns out at 4AM, our street becomes ALIVE with strays; I saw cats I had never seen before, but sadly, the crying stopped, and Mom Cat was nowhere to be found.

I went back inside, and NNY would simply NOT be consoled. I tried swaddling her, I tried laying on the floor with her, I tried putting her in her box and talking to her…but she didn’t quiet down until about 6AM, and I went back to sleep.

Now, the good news is, she is eating like a champion and even using her bad leg when she walks. She also used the litter box, rather than the blanket. If nothing else, I take her sudden uptick in hysterics last night as a sign that she must be feeling better and truly grasping what is happening to her…but I still am not sure how to help her feel better. I am trying everyone’s suggestions, in turn, but I am thinking what she really needs is time.

Two more pieces of AMAZING news. First, as you can see by the new title on the thermometer, we have found a winner in the naming contest. Out of 111 votes, I am pleased to announce that “Millie” is the winner! “Millie” captured almost 38% of the votes, with “Kismet” coming in second with 13% of the votes. So congratulations Caroline, you can be expecting your $20 prize before the close of the weekend. Thank you very much to everyone who voted. You can view the full results here.

In even MORE amazing news, I am VERY pleased to announce that we have reached our goal for donations. I am completely floored by the generosity of strangers, and so happy that you all have gotten behind this story and offered such wonderful suggestions, advice, and support. When I first decided to solicit donations, I thought that MAYBE I might hit the $500 mark…but you proved me very, very wrong. It is incredible to see the Internet used for something other than spam and pornography, and you have restored my faith in the power of interconnectedness. To donate your hard earned cash to such a cause truly renews my faith in the generosity of people, and I can’t begin to thank you all enough. You have absolutely gone above and beyond, and like I’ve said many times before, this kitten really does belong to each of you.

So, this is the last time I will be flogging the donation thermometer. Of course, Millie (it’s hard to get used to saying that) will have further costs, including suture removal next week, spaying, and vaccinations, so if you would like to donate more, you are certainly invited to do so. But the worst of it is over, and now I can stop begging. :) And of course, I will continue to keep you posted on her progress, including healing, socialization, and what I ultimately decide to do with her. So please, keep following her story, and keep your suggestions coming. I couldn’t have done this without you.

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  1. MMMMMeeeeeeOOOOOwwwwwww
    You are AWESOME Malcolm!!! In times of crisis our true nature is revealed…and so yours was. :) Don’t worry we won’t tell everybody. We are sooo glad that others are willing to help you help. Soo kewl!

    sending you headbutts and purrrsss.

  2. There is a homeopathic mixture called Rescue Remedy that works wonders calming cats down. It is the only thing that ever worked for Fergus in the car.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Congrats on bustin’ the thermometer and getting a super cool name for the kitty. I just wanted to second your thought that it’s mostly going to take time for Millie to adjust to her new home. I adopted a semi-feral adult cat and after a week, I was a hysterical wreck, wondering if my new fur friend was going to spend the rest of her life living behind various pieces of furniture. One night during week 2, she suddenly came out of one of her many hiding places, jumped up on my bed, began rubbing herself all over me, and purred to beat the band. We still had a lot of work to do together, but over time, Miss Kitty has become a playful, loving companion for whom I am very grateful. I sincerely hope that time will be a healer for Millie too.

  4. Hi Malcolm– So glad to know that a) Millie has a name; and b) the donation goal has been reached. About poor Millie’s crying– maybe a cat toy would help? I have a wooly mouse (no catnip) and a catnip toy (I have a stash for whenever we have a new kitty in the shelter) that I would be delighted to give Millie, particularly since I’m local and could put them in the mail very easily (or maybe meet you somewhere; I’m living out near Westville now). Both are sturdy toys that she can beat the [deleted] out of when she’s upset. Kittens do need playthings, and maybe she would also be comforted by them. One other bit of advice– if you think she might be crying because she’s in pain, call the vet for recommendations about painkillers– but DON’T give her any aspirin, acetaminophen, or anything similar designed for humans, because human dosages can poison a cat. If she’s already using the injured leg, that’s a very good sign!
    And thanks for continuing to keep us posted about Millie!

  5. Glad to hear that Millie is using her leg and eating OK. It will take time to socialise her, she will come round eventually, it just takes a lot of time and patience to bond with her if she is not used to being around people. Have you tried putting a teddy bear or something furry in with her that she can snuggle up with as a substitute mum? You are doing a great job, look forward to further Millie news.

  6. Glad to hear that Millie is using her leg and eating OK. It will take time to socialise her, she will come round eventually, it just takes a lot of time and patience to bond with her if she is not used to being around people. Have you tried putting a teddy bear or something furry in with her that she can snuggle up with as a substitute mum? You are doing a great job, look forward to further Millie news.

  7. Such wonderful news! I agree with both the Rescue Remedy (found at most pet stores) and a furry cuddle thing. She may be realizing mom isn’t around and calling for her. Something warm and fuzzy might help that. Also, try letting her sleep nearby to you. That may help. The best advice is to follow your instincts. God gave you a kiity that needed YOU and He will help you know what her needs are. As for her leg, keep a watch on her to make sure it’s okay when she uses it. Also, if she’s not on antibiotics she needs to be while all that surgery heals. I hope momma cat is also found soon. And congratulations on topping the thermometer. We all love all 3 of you!! You have won our hearts! Take care and God bless!

  8. I agree with you. I think she does just need some time. This has been an incredibly traumatic week for her. She needs time to heal, and time to adjust to her new situation.

    Right now she needs to be safe, comfortable, and as stress-free as possible. Give her a friendly and gentle pat from time to time to let her know that you’re there, you’re not going to hurt her, and she can trust you.

    Given time, she may very well come to you when she’s feeling better.

  9. Maybey her middle name can be Ways. You know, like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

  10. Yay! Millie has a name! And the thermometer is busted. Yay again!

    I bet I’d meow a lot too if I had a hurty leg like that. Millie prolly needs time and lovin, is all.

    Rescue Remedy is good and you can get it at health food stores too. Feliway plug in works real good too in the room it’s in.

    You’re a super purrson for helpin Millie out so much.

    and the rest of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cat crew

  11. I third the Rescue Remedy. Also try a little sheepskin rug for her to sleep/snuggle on (they have them at Ikea, also Shannon sells them at her store, shaped like koala bears). My semi-feral Mr. Moose *loves* his; it has made him a much more snuggly cat.

  12. Thanks, this story has made my day. Gave some money – winging its way from the UK. As you say there will be ongoing expenses – she looks a little love, looks just like my little Perdie Pie. Perdie was a feral cat who we took on with her brother and sister – quite a handful :O)

  13. Amazing!

    Millie is such a cute name!

    So glad you were able to raise the funds needed!! :)

  14. Just checking in to see how the little angel Millie is getting along.

  15. I am so glad that we have a Millie. It is really good to hear that things are progressing so well. When I read that she got upset about the caterwauling I thought she was being called to by the outside cats. I know how badly it upsets my cats when strays come up and meow. It takes awhile for them to calm themselves. I look forward to the progress of Millie and I hope you will post some more pictures.

  16. What you have done is no small feat. It is something that is truly remarkable. I pray that nothing but blessings follow you and your family for the kindness that you have shown to one of creations’ smallest and most vulnerable.

    It is incredible to see the Internet used for something other than spam and pornography, and you have restored my faith in the power of interconnectedness.

    This is so true. Ever since I have joined the animal, specifically feline, blogging community, I have never met a group of people more closely connected and more dedicated to a cause. They are truly one-of-a-kind!

  17. I am so happy that Millie now has a name and that you were able to reach your goal. I also believe that it was probably one of those “meant to be” type moments. Enjoy her love and company and I wish you the best. :)

  18. I always heard that one of those old alarm clocks that make the tick tock noise wrapped in something soft would simulate the mother cats heartbeat. Might be something to try if you happen to have one of these clocks around.

  19. Greetings Malcolm-
    What a wonderful thing you did for that poor little kitten. She’s probably in a bit of shock after the accident, surgery and new surroundings. Something that has always worked for me in calming down a little kitten or pup is a small wind-up alarm clock (Lisa above had the same suggestion) placed under a hot water bottle or heating pad set to the lowest temp possible. Place Millie’s blanket on top. Young cats and pups like the security the warmth and sound gives to them. Blessings to you!

  20. Just to let you know that nothing is seriously wrong as long as they’re eating. So Millie might drive you insane with her midnight fits, but all’s well if the food keeps disappearing.
    If she stops eating or going to the bathroom then you should really call the vet.

    Bless you all.

  21. Wow! I’ve missed so much since I last dropped in. What a surprise to have my suggestion win the naming contest. But please don’t send me the prize money — use it for Millie. It’s enough of an honor having helped give her a name! And she’s so cute!

  22. Found out about this one a little bit late, but we had a similar experience with an older cat last October. Bills have exceeded over $6000 at our last estimate, but most of that was donated by outsiders. I linked your story in my blog – hope your experience is as ultimately positive as ours was!

  23. We’re so happy to hear that you’ve reached your goal. My sister Maggie had to have one of her eyes removed when she was a little kitten and the vet went ahead and spayed her while she was under. He said the biggest risk is the anesthesia, and since she was already under, he’d rather just go ahead and do it, so you may want to ask your vet about that. Good luck!

  24. Malcolm, you’ve really done something wonderful, here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve sent a small donation for Millie’s future care – not much, I can’t afford a lot – but Millie’s story is so touching and I so want to help. Again, thank you for saving this sweet animal.

  25. FYI, I “adopted” a little stray kitten in April, and I was able to get her spayed for free.

    There are organizations around that help to fund the spaying of “rescue kitties”.

    The vet had the information – I just had to call the organizations and get them to donate money towards the spaying. The organizations just called the vet’s office I was spaying her at to arrange their donations.

  26. It wouldn’t be fair to the cat or the dogs or you. The dogs were there first, so why stsres them out by bringing in a new cat? Why endanger the cat (either by injury or death) by putting it in a situation where it would be constantly confined and frightened? And you, always afraid the cat will get out of your room or having to always know the dogs’ whereabouts in order to keep your animals separated how stsresful. You wouldn’t be able to completely enjoy your dogs or your cat.

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