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All Aboard!

Amtrak Train # 97, The Silver Meteor departs from Penn Station at 3:15, on the afternoon of July 28. On or about this time yours trulies will begin the drop-in. This little indigo office slash guest room on the third floor of an East Rock brick building will not be the base of operations for Jills, Malcolm, Ed, Millie, New Black, or dilettante, inc. All relevant forwarding addresses will then become available here. You must imagine my fiance and I in our sleeper car chasing down the East Coast of America in the most leisurely way. It’s The Silver Meteor makes stops in D.C. Philadelphia, Charleston, Savannah, and finally Orlando, where we disembarck. Not Mexico, no, but a good distance, a romantic beginning and reasonable first leg of this little adventure of our life. After maybe lingering there for a day, enjoying America, amenities, cartoonish whimsy, and each other, we will rent a car and press on to Alligator Point, Florida, home of Malcolm’s parents and frequent dropped-in contributors, Malcolm (the Elder) and Penny. His folks are RAD and I am looking forward to eating and drinking and swimming and shopping and reading there with them for a couple of weeks. Further plans will be arranged from this beautiful Gulf beach for relocation to another. That’s allfor now. I’ve gotta get Malc some Independence Day coffee and danish. When he arises, he’ll help me with all the good photos and links you’ve come to expect.

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  1. AWESOME!! So psyched for you guys!!
    Urs and I booked our tix to NZ today, September 30th is our departure date!!

  2. I take it you’ve decided to keep Millie? I still want to send her some cat toys to snuggle with. If you feel OK about posting your current mailing address here (and I know some folks don’t like to post that kind of info. on the Net), I’d be happy to mail them to her before you leave New Haven.

    Good luck and much happiness to you.

  3. Hey CT Yankee,

    We’re not leaving until the end of the month, and sending toys would be much appreciated and very sweet. You can use the vet address, like you said before. 🙂

  4. I was searching for encouragement for our kitten situation and came across your blog. The updates gave me hope that our little kitten will survive and that surgery (if needed) will be affordable. Here’s the story. My 11 year old daughter was playing with three kittens in the garage within a ring of cinder blocks that she constructed. The cinderblocks had just been purchased last week to put a foundation under the shed. One kitten jumped over the wall and somehow a cinderblock was knocked over on another kitten. The kitten (6-8 weeks old) looked dead at one point,and my daughter had an incredibly horrified expression and was distraught. Naturally, we took the kitten to the vet to see if it could be saved. X-rays reveal no broken bones, hernias are anticipated, and we brought her home at the end of the day to try to nurse her to health. She’s very weak and may require hernia surgery or surgery to repair a torn ligament. I’ve been terrified that she might not make it – that’s too heavy a burden for an 11 year old to carry. Your postings gave me hope. Thanks.

  5. Hey Beth,

    It sounds like if she started to come around, that is a good sign. Any torn liggies or anything can be repaired, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned through all of this, its that modern vet medecine can work miracles. I have great hope that your 11 year old won’t have to carry anything. 🙂

    Good luck, and please keep me posted.

  6. Hey Malcom, Jillian, and Millie. Also sending package of soft, fuzzy toys to vet’s address. Glad it seems you’re keeping Millie. Pets realize who rescued them and they make it worth it a million times over. Can’t wait to see her progress. You really should start her own blog! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  7. I’ve been following Millie’s story all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. If you’re planning on taking her on the road with you, you might want to check out for tips on cat travel.

  8. Will you be able to take your kitties on the train with you?

  9. We can’t wait to see you, and maybe Millie wants to be a beach cat????? She’ll probably end up being about the same size as the dogs….and Sadie could be her Mom….
    Love you guys!

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