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Ed Meets Millie

…and it didn’t go well. Brought Ed into the room where Millie has been staying, and sat, and watched. Ed immediately faced the door, waiting until he could leave, occasionally reaching a paw through the crack at the bottom of the door. Of the two of them, Mille was the more forthcoming. She actually tried to approach Ed several times, kitten curiosity getting the better of her. Ed did not respond kindly. In spite of the wonderful recommendations from everyone in the comments, I was shocked to find that ED was the more nervous of the two of them. Terrible hissing and growling, the likes of which I have never heard come out of him, were heard in the room. He let me pat him, but was not soothed during this confrontation.

I have tried again since, and will continue to. Millie is now hissing back, but the two are far from the loving pair I thought they would be. Millie tries to approach, but is hissed back. The only upside? She sits on my lap during all this, without my keeping a hand on her. Looks like she is finally starting to look to me for safety, though she still won’t come out from under the furniture.

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  1. Don’t despair Malcolm. This will take time. The fact it’s not an actual war is a good thing. Part of this is a dominance showing on Ed’s part. Once he successfully establishes with Millie that he is the dominant one, things should go better. Also when he sees that he is not losing anything from you by her also being around. This will take time, but it will all work out. Hopefully, and possibly, by the time you leave on your trip. Just keep doing what you’re doing! (Package should ship Monday by Priority Mail and include enough for both of them. Will email you when shipped.)

  2. Just dropped by to give you some moral support. Nursing a frightened kitty and trying to get said kitty to peacefully coexist with another cat can be emotionally draining for the kind human caretaker. Give yourself a big pat on the back for all of your wonderful efforts and have patience grasshopper.

  3. Every time we meet a new kitty we take 2 weeks to get comfy with them. Until then it is all the hissing and growling (and sometimes rasseling) we can get out of our mouths. It is all posturing tho and when it is all over we tend to sleep together on the same furniture. Give it some time, it sounds like Millie is doing wonderfully. I have no doubt that they will become fast friends – especially since she is so young.

  4. My 3 kitties are brother and sisters, found together – homeless and feral as kittens. Two of them were easy to catch, but it took an extra two days to catch the third. When we got the third one home, she growled and hissed at her own brother and sister for the first few days, till she grew comfortable with the situation. Your two are strangers and it’ll take a while. Don’t give up!

  5. I think you’re doing fine, Malcolm. Keep at it.

  6. Every now and then our two cats decide they hate each other, even though they have lived happily together for three years now. It only lasts a day or two and it seems to involve smell…yup, everytime our scrappy little one we call Maggie gets into something (i.e. baby powder or the like) Juliet (the big kitty) seems to forget who she is or just doesn’t like her new parfume. Give it a week…once they get used to how each other smells all will be good. Try getting Millie to sit with you on a towel or blanket and then putting the towel near Ed without millie around…at least that’s what our vet recommended when we brought home Maggie, I think it helped. Juliet spent an hour sniffing it…she even hissed at the towel, it was funny, lol.

  7. Another thing that can complicate introductions– if Millie still has a hospital smell to her (if you took her back for a checkup in the last few days, that could do it), she won’t smell like a normal cat to Ed. When my Princess had to have a polyp removed from her ear last year, my vet told me that it might be a good idea to keep her away from the other two cats for a few hours after I took her home because she would still have a kind of anesthetic odor on her breath and they might not recognize her. As things turned out, there were no hassles– but I was glad he gave me that advice.
    At any rate, it could be that Ed is still confused about whether Bionic Kitty is a normal cat or a refugee from Veterinary Hospital Hell.

  8. Keep trying Malcolm. Like Beau and Mom said, once Ed establishes his dominance, things will go better. Those little female cats don’t seem to like being told what to do – LOL. I’ve always had a harder time getting my female cat used to new cats than any of my male cats.

  9. Those terrible hissing and growling sounds…aren’t they the freaking scariest sounds?!?
    Timothy hardly meows unless it’s really worth it so when he freaked out over meeting my friend’s dog last year, I heard those terrible hissing and growling sounds. It scared the crap out of me! But then I realized, he doesn’t have claws…perhaps it was his next best defense?
    I say keep up the introductions and wear earplugs 🙂
    How is Millie’s scar healing?

  10. Introducing a new cat takes time, but you’re doing fine. Our new kitten has been with us a month now and due to her severe illness we were slow in acclimating her to the 3 resident cats, but each day gets better with less hissing. Somehow the adult cats seem to know she’s a baby and do allow her “get away” with a lot of stuff.

    Just take it slow and keep doing what you’re doing. Eventually things should work out.

  11. Heck, I’ve had to tolerate Buddah for over a year now and we still hiss and growl at each other…sooner or later the two kitties will either decide they like each other, or they’ll divide their living space into territories and will ignore each other. But they won’t try to kill each other on a daily basis…it’ll work out.

  12. Hmmm. From Ed’s point of view, there’s an invader in *his* domain. And she’s sitting in *his* person’s lap. But as they say, no harm, no foul. Bonnie growled herself hoarse the first month with Victor and still growls and hisses a lot after 9 months. Victor NEVER hisses or growls back. They swat a lot and the fighting looks serious sometimes, but no one has ever gotten hurt. I think Max is right (of course – he’s Max!) that they’ll get along or work it out… eventually. Keep it up, Malcolm.

  13. You’re doing fine. They won’t be best buds at first, they rarely are. Ed has to establish he’s alpha first though (hence the hissing and cursing). The fact that Millie is persistent and interested is a good thing–girls have their ways to win over the boys.

  14. Hang in there, Malcolm! I think each of us know personally how difficult it is to introduce new cats to the fray!

  15. Hi darlins – kitties are funny like that. According to the MSPCA you’re supposed to keep the cats separated for 2 weeks (Millie in the bedroom, Ed roaming the apartment)so they can sniff eachother without being face to face. Then, start short meetings for them to see what they can handle. They may never be bff’s but the hissing will end. If Millie is anything as charming and sassy as her mom (Jill), Ed will eventually fall in love. Miss you both!

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