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Countdown to Liftoff: 11 days, minus some minutes

It’s good to be back in our 90 degree apartment after the high anxiety hijinks of three days in West Springfield, the divided highway capital of the Northeast and one day essentially spent on Metro North, interrupted by a brief stop for burgers at the Shake Shack at Madison Avenue Park, which we unequivocally endorse. I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the entire catalogue of Matt Kelly, Malcolm’s BFF and travelling companion 4 life. He rocks.

So here I am on the floor, surrounded by wires and thumbtacks, old New Balances, kitten shit, dust bunnies, garbage bags and luggage, because here is where the connetcion is, as well as the only air conditioning in an otherwise unbearably hot place. By the way, if you’re interested in renting 146 Bradley Street it is lovely, affordable and conveniently located equidistant between East Rock and downtown. contact us here.

We’ve been saying our goodbyes and having one lasts. I was feted last on Wednesday after finishing my stint as hostess at Kudeta with Prosecco, sashimi, a cake and dancing. I love love love parties for me, and was genuinely sad to say goodbye to the most fun job and first friends I’ve made since college. I still have to spend a day of with my own BFF, who herself is moving to the other side of the world within months.

It is still so very difficult to believe – although my passport has (finally!) arrived and we can buy tickets to Merida any day – that we are taking this leap together. I am happy here but happier still to go. Better jump up and bin some more of the trash we’ve been hauling around with us for more than 5 years. p.s. elective unemployment rules!

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  1. How are the kitties going to travel? Can they go on the train with you?

  2. That’s my question too. You’re not leaving your furry frieds, are you?

  3. Jillian, you posted! She’s back y’all. What What??

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