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T-Minus Two

Day after tomorrow. Moving day. The big dance. For the first time, we are moving with no destination firmly in mind. It is both scary and thrilling. I officially own nothing…I’ve got my possessions down to two bags plus a laptop bag. That’s all I own. Jillian has not pared down quite as much, though she promises to reevaluate tomorrow after I spent the morning grumbling while dragging her luggage around. I haven’t owned so little, well, ever, though it dawns on me that I am still walking around with 5k in electronics strapped to my back.

Yesterday was a last crazy push, with all of our friends chipping in to help us with final cleaning and garbage. Ed wailed his mournful tones, as he was moved to his temporary home with our friend Lauren. I am going to have to make a special flight back here once we get situated…I am just going to miss that dude too much. And, in a surprise move, Dan agreed to foster Millie for the time being. Be sure to head over to his blog and thank him.

So much to say about the last few days, but my head is swimming. I really need to update as things happen, or else I will miss them. So, tonight in Brooklyn, tomorrow in Hoboken, Friday on the train for 25 hours. With luck, maybe I’ll be able to get my head together a little better tomorrow night, as we say goodbye to New England. See you then.

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  1. Ed update: While I was a little concerned last night and this a.m. as he was quite standoffish and not eating, when I went to check on him today after work, he came out when I called him and was very friendly. I think he’s actually lonely without having people around. He was very purry and kept following me and winding himself around my legs. He’s the best.

  2. Malcolm & Jillian, I just wanted to wish you well on your journey and hope that you will keep in touch through this blog. We care about you and will miss you. Also, we are extremely happy Millie has a foster home with Dan. We did go and send him a long thank you note. We also informed all the other cat bloggers as well so you might want to let Dan know his website may get a LOT of traffic soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, LOVED your reunion pictures! Hope to keep hearing from you. Take care and Godspeed! Love…

  3. Good luck and best wishes on your future. We’re so glad to hear that Millie found a (temporary) home. Yea!! Keep us posted!
    ::purrs & headbutts::
    ~Meeko, Kiara, and Momma Becca

  4. Yay! We’re furry furry glad that Millie found a place to stay and not a shelter. We’s already been ofur and tolded Dan thank you. We hopes you have a furry good move and that Ed gets to likin his new place to stay too.
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  5. Came to yours from Bloggs of Summer and I’ll add Hello from Norway.
    You really have a great blog and seams to be rather bussy – have a great trip!
    Btw: You got my vote of course:-)

  6. wish u both the best! always! iยดm moving soon too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Good Luck to you and Jillian. Save Travels! Glad to hear the kittens have good homes! May the wind be at your back….

  8. I hope that all goes well, and good luck in everything! It’s great that Millie has a foster home now.

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